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Hey may name is Joel and I’m in a class in Watauga this semester where we are looking into the history of Watauga. In the process we are trying to formulate a oral history of Watauga, something that until this point has never been done. This is a crucial time for Watauga due to the fact that the IDS department has unofficially only a few years left at ASU (sorry if this is new and disturbing news to some), thus Watauga is under a lot a scrutiny and needs to be able to show the university why it is worth their money. And this is one way to help.

Below there are a few questions about your Watauga experience that if you have time would greatly help us out if you answered, I have also LJ cut more questions if you would really like to go above and beyond (because in Watauga we do more, or at least talk about how we could do more if we wanted to). We are also interviewing many past directors, as well as some current and past students and faculty, so if you would like to hear what your favorite and not so favorite professors have to say about these questions i will also post a link the website when it is up so you can. Thank you guys, and feel free to ramble on as much as you feel like and please include your name.

1)      When and how were/are you associated witWatauga College?

2)       If you had to choose three ideals or values of Watauga College that you believe are fundamental to the program, what would they be?

3)      How does WC differ from other residential learning communities on this campus?  What is unique about WC as a residential learning community?

4)      Is there something common to the faculty who teach in Watauga?  In teaching style, personality, interests, approach to learning, etc.?

5)      Historically, what would you say has been the educational focus of WC?  What should its focus be in the future?

6)      Who were some of the key figures in WC during your time?  (students, faculty, other...)  What made them particularly important or noticeable?  Were they especially representative of the program, central to its operation, otherwise notorious...?

7)      What is one story or tradition from Watauga's past that you think should be remembered?  Something that 'newer' Wataugans may not know about...?

8)      What was the curriculum like during your time in WC?  What were some of the best/favorite classes?

9)      What makes a “good” Wataugan?  What makes a “good” Watauga teacher?  

10)      What did you perceive as the purpose of Watauga College?

11)      What was/is the nature of the relationship between faculty and students in Watauga College?  Has this changed over time?  

12)      How do you communicate your experience of WC to people who haven’t been involved with the program?  What is most important for people to know?

13)      Describe a particularly ‘epitomizing’ Watauga experience; a story or event that you think captures something essential about Watauga College.

14)      How do you think moving from East Hall to the LLC has affected or changed Watauga?  Also…how does the building in which Watauga is ocated affect the program in general?

15)      What do you see as being the role of the sophomore class in Watauga College?

16)   What did you experience in Watauga College the you would want others to experience? In other words what do you think should not be changed about Watauga

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