Brooke (findingpenance) wrote in watauga_college,

1) Your name: Brooke Bailey
2) What years were you in Watauga? I am currently a second semester freshman in Watauga.
3) Did you end up as an IDS major? While I'm tempted to do so, I think changing my major to IDS would make my parents have a nervous breakdown. Right now it's Social Sciences Secondary Education.
4) Who were your favorite professors? Jay Wentworth made academia and slaving over papers appealing. He's the first professor I've had that I was afraid to let down because of what he thought of me-- he's a friend to his students just as much as he is the man that hands out their grades. I found Bud to be a bit intimidating given his love of arguing with students (and co-professors), but I loved his dry sense of humor.
5) What are you up to now? Getting ready to audition for the Vagina Monologues and the beginning of the semester.
6) Add anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself.
I'm interested in getting more involved in Watauga, so if you have any ideas...
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