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Watauga College

I Just found this site.  Is it still being managed?  Is anyone still collecting info. about past Watauga College Grads? 
I have to share this joke from Greg Snider former RD "How many Watauga College Students does it take to change a light bulb?
All of them: one to change the bulb and the rest to talk about how great the old one was" (And it really was GREAT!)

I was there from 1981 - 1984 (Jr year Sub floor RA).  I also had 2 older cousins that came through Watauga College before me: Shelia Rodenhizer and Ed Crabtree, and 2 sisters that came after me: Teresa Taylor (Geer) and Tammy Taylor.   Some member of my family was at Watauga College from about 1977 to 1987. 

Mary Taylor Zorn
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