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WC Database

Dear Wataugans:


My name is Kimberly Lomonaco, and I am a graduate of Appalachian State University’s Watauga College, c/o 2006.  I am currently working with the director of Watauga College, David Huntley, to compile a database of former Wataugans.  In this database, we would like to collect data on how Watauga has influenced the lives and professions of its graduates.


Please answer the brief questions listed below to help with our research.  You can send responses to  In addition, you may let the university know your status by visiting the Appalachian Alumni Association website,, and registering.


When answering, please try to focus only on your professional choices related to Watauga.


1.      For identification purposes, what is your current and/or maiden name?

2.      What year did you graduate Watauga College?

3.      What is your current profession or job?  (Note: include both specific titles and broad titles (i.e. teacher, attorney, etc.) if your specific title alone may not be clear.

4.      Who is your employer?

5.      Please concisely describe what influence you feel Watauga may have had on job selection.  Did your experience in Watauga affect any positions you’ve held?  Did your experience in Watauga cause you to reject any job offers, and why?


Thank you for your cooperation.  This information will serve as valuable insight as to the lasting effects of Watauga College on its graduates.


Kimberly Lomonaco

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