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This is from my folklore paper exploring East Hall's ghost lore. The "experiment" I'm referring to is when I (and a friend) got locked into the basement overnight. We set up all kinds of video and audio recorders all over the place.

The following ‘Map of Reports’ maps out the rooms of which have been particularly troublesome for residents or workers. The information is a conglomeration of my own experiences either living in the dorm or in the experiment, stories told to me through the interviews, and bits and pieces from casual conversations on the topic.
A.     Basement. In our experiment, an inhuman growling noise is heard over the second audio recorder in the hallway by the men’s bathroom when we are all alone. Sometime in the night a loud noise from this same direction awakens Leslie, my partner in the experiment.
B.     IDS office. A hair dryer comes on by itself when it’s not even plugged in.
C.     Women’s Studies Bathroom in Basement. 15-20 years ago a girl had reportedly hanged herself in the first stall (over which someone has spray painted a black noose on the ceiling). This is where “something” began grabbing onto former Wataugan Corey Maher’s leg during a scene for ‘Dorm of Doom.’ Also, a girl participating in a hanging scene for ‘Dorm of Doom’ became trapped in bathroom, until she agreed to not do the scene. Many noises and door slammings have been heard from here. And in doing our own “legend-tripping,” we are in this bathroom when distinctive footsteps are heard in the hallway, although we are alone and no doors are heard opening or closing. It is followed seconds later by a cold chill in the bathroom.
D.     B18. Now an IDS classroom, it is supposedly the most haunted place in East, as it is the center of a pentagram formed by five mountains in Boone. This is the center of the energy. Many seances have been held here, as there have been many accounts of noises, sightings, cold drafts, and furniture moving. When there was a piano in there, it was said to “play itself” (B. Hutton, personal communication, April 26, 2002). For a Native American studies class, a meditation led by Hawk Hurst had a Native American elder visiting. During the meditation, the elder suddenly sat up and said what translated to “there are spirits among us. One just walked through the room.” Some say someone committed suicide here. In our experiment, distinctive breathing is heard on the video camera and a voice is heard on both the video camera and audio recorder. Famed author Orson Scott Card has spoken in here and was so convinced of its supernatural activity that he wrote about it in his Lost Boys.
E.      Subfloor. Many report radios and lights turning on and off. Report of heavy footsteps down hallway when the floor is otherwise empty. The second most haunted area of East Hall.
F.      Housekeeper’s closet. Former housekeeper Cricket Carroll would have problems getting the key to turn, almost as though something/someone was keeping her from getting into the closet. She at one point requested someone else to take over the subfloor duty. She would end up yelling at “Mrs. Brown” to let her in, which “she” then would. This is reputed to be where Mrs. Brown’s bed stood.
G.     025. This is the corner room where it is believed (not confirmed) that someone was killed either by homicide or suicide. There are complaints of furniture moving through the air or turning around by itself when the room is empty and locked up. Another report of an Elvis clock’s legs spastically swinging back and forth.
H.     027. This is the sight of lamps coming on and footrests of chairs coming out by themselves and reportedly, a very out-of-tune violin getting tuned by itself. A woman who lived here one summer knew nothing about its history, but still became surprisingly terrified.
I.        Bathroom by 012. Going in very late one night, I walk past a shower stall to see it get slammed in my face. I immediately turn around and walk back to push the door open. There are no drafts and no one in sight in the stall, in the bathroom, or in the hallway. There are reports by others of seeing a woman in white.
J.       International Hall. One report of a radiator becoming unusually hot and burning the draperies while a bed begins lurching at the room’s inhabitants: two international students. The first confirmed report that a suicide happened here (room 125?). Cricket Carroll relates the story, as her supervisor was the one who had to help clean up after it. 

K.     103. Several reports of a woman and baby crying. Goes on for a long time and becomes a popular place for people to spend the night. A psychic comes in for a weekend and determines that a pregnant woman was brutally raped and miscarried her baby in the room. The recent disruptions are brought on every time a particularly hostile man on the floor gets near the room or the girls in it.
L.      117. A story of a jealous girl electrocuting her roommate with a hair dryer over the affection   of a guy.
M.    120. A report of lights being turned on and off.
N.     125. A boy reportedly shot himself here.
O.     In the space in front of the housekeepers’ break room and the RA office, housekeepers Lorraine McGuire and Cricket Carroll heard someone calling Lorraine’s name. They immediately went out into the hallway to discover they were all alone there.
P.      RD apartment. Several things here. Reports of the door being “held” closed and metallic objects skipping around on the floor in front of the room. Stereo manipulation and cold chills. Pictures taken off the walls. The air can become unusually thick here although students who studied supernatural occurrences have claimed that “the second room had an area that served as a portal to an astral dimension—that the usual distance between planes was very thin in that space” (G. Hartz, personal communication, April 18, 2002).
Q.     1st Old Trash Room. Reportedly a girl got stuck in here and the temperature rose so high, she got burn marks.
R.     162. Reports of drafts and water turning on and off by itself.
S.      2nd floor. Somewhere it is reported that a man committed suicide and that no matter how hard the maintenance workers tried to paint over his blood on the wall, it would seep back through. Eventually, the wall had to be torn down and re-done.
T.      209. Many reports of people hearing their own names being whispered.
U.     2nd Main. Two girls in 1991 want to leave their room because everything they put on their towel racks get moved.
V.     2nd Old. A housekeeper is in a room trying to move a desk, but can’t—almost as though it is nailed down. She jokingly yells out, “Mrs. Brown, help me move it!” It immediately scoots across the room. Another witness to this who was also in the room.
W.   225. Reportedly haunted, but no further details.
X.     242. 2nd floor. Somewhere here, a man was sitting on his bed when (two variations) a picture fell off his wall and hit him on the head or a picture frame fell and broke. He had just finished laughing at the guys on subfloor for believing in East’s ghost stories.
Y.     275. Reports of a student living there who died in a car crash and immediately following his death and his roommate’s leaving due to the distress, noise and smoke would fill his empty room.
      Z. 274. Corey Maher comes back from class one day to see all the toiletries from his connecting 
       bathroom lined up on the floor. He lived alone and kept his door locked.
AA. 307. Where I lived my freshmen year. One night, as my roommate and I were both in bed,    
        her “Tickle Me Elmo” doll began laughing as though it had been squeezed. It was across the
        room and against the wall near no one.
BB. 309. A neighbor of mine was taking a picture of me with my roommate in this room. A face 
        shows up upside down in the top left side.
CC. 325. Reportedly haunted, but no further details.
DD. 335. Current RD Michele Wisdahl wakes up one night screaming that a someone is standing over her.
EE. 354. Reports of this door slamming shut as the housekeepers were trying to clean it one                
        summer. After finally getting into the room, the bed levitates.
FF.  3rd Main/Old bathroom. Allegedly a girl has hanged herself here in the stall with the tub.
.       Housekeeper Lorraine McGuire has reportedly seen her apparition—rope and all. More   
        reports of a girl in white floating around here.
GG. 373. A woman’s window plant is thrown across the room, dirt spilling all over the floor.
HH. 374. Sounds of a baby crying and a cold baby climbing into girl’s beds. Furniture moves.
II.    375. Many separate accounts of closet doors and windows opening and closing by themselves. Coming home to find made-beds suddenly in disarray.
In case you're interested in the whole paper, just email me at and I'll be happy to send it!
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