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1) Your name: Cami Maher

2) What years were you in Watauga? errrm.....98 and 99

3) Did you end up as an IDS major?
 Oh no. What was your major? Creative writing

4) Who were your favorite professors? Jay Wentworth for doing exorcisms, David Huntely for his stories about the Beat writers, Bud Gerber for intentionally leaving students behind on a field trip to "see what they would do", Kay Smith for her class on Shakespeare in Film.

5) What are you up to now?
 Back at ASU finishing up my Masters in Community Counseling with a concentration in addictions counseling and a certificate in expressive arts therapy.  

6) Add anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself. They should definitely not get rid of Watauga College, but since it's not in East and the professors and classes are different, I feel like it's gotta be completely different now. Also, I'm the one who created the East Hall ghost map, since I did a ghost investigation of the place my senior year. :) That shit is haunted, I don't care WHO you are!

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i would be soooo interested in hearing about your investigation!!!
I can email the reports to you if you want! I *believe* I still have them on my computer....
please do!
i am still superclose with a handful of my east hall friends so they would be interested as well...
Will do!
Hey there! I've seen your ghost report. I was in Watauga with Corey. :)
That's awesome! Was he your RA?

And how did you see the report?
I can't remember how I saw it. I lived in room 375 my freshman year, though, and that room was WEIRD.

I don't think Corey was ever my RA. I managed to escape. ;)
Good for you! I heard he did some pretty heinous things when his residents would trash the halls. ha

From my paper: "II. 375. Many separate accounts of closet doors and windows opening and closing by themselves. Coming home to find made-beds suddenly in disarray."