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finding this community made my night...

Please make an introductory post and address the following questions:

1) Your name: GULYA

2) What years were you in Watauga? ahfuck if i know... 98 and 99? When did you graduate from ASU? 2003 (overachiever, i know...)

3) Did you end up as an IDS major? ummmm... NO. What was your major? social work and psych (dbl major)

4) Who were your favorite professors? jay wentworth. all the way. (although bud did attempt to make me his little errand bitch when i was a freshman living on 1st floor by his office)

5) What are you up to now? more social work... doing case management for kids in the mental health field in asheville, nc...

6) Add anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself  maybe later when i'm not in a pissy mood

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